14 years after the experience of the guest house in Marrakesh Topkapi, we wanted to restart the adventure. After our departure from Morocco we settled with our family in Aix en Provence where we had the decoration shop Décalé and restaurant A TABLE!

For some years now, the urge to recreate a draft guesthouse motivated us but of course we had before all find the perfect place! After many hesitations about the location and shape, here we go again on the way with a contemporary project. It is quite naturally that we turned to our friend architect Olivier Brouwez to achieve our dream house, solid and responsive at the same time, concrete, glass.

To contrast this with sleek architecture we wanted an intimate and warm decor. In recent years we looked for second hand kinds of furniture and objects and also bring back some souvenirs from travelling experiences to ensure that this house reflects who we are.

"This convent rough concrete is a labor of love. It is not spoken. This is from the inside he saw. It is inside that goes substantially"

- Le Corbusier -

If you like our house, we are has your listening for any council in decoration, arrangement, search of furniture, installation of frame and any other request..You want to decorate a shop, a restaurant, a hotel, we can study your demand.